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Wei! Wei! Hello from SayWhat? Got questions to ask us? Or even suggestions? Use the form on the right to contact us. We will get back to you soon.

Have an awesome day! Don't forget to have fun and learn.


23 Hooper Road
Singapore, , 229200

+65 96820652

Have fun learning a new language or Chinese Dialects by playing a fun card game.

Cantonese Audio Clips

Having problems pronouncing? Learn how to say it right here.

Now you can learn to pronounce Cantonese sentences and words with ease. As long as you speak English, you can pronounce it the way you say something in English. If you are stucked, do not fret, these Canto audio clips are here to help you so that one day, you will be the King or Queen of Canto Pop.

How to use the clips with the SayWhat? Cantonese deck you may ask. It's easy. At the bottom of every card, there's a code. Whatever code that is on your card, you can refer them with the audio clips below. Just like this.